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4 Steps and Backyard Pavers Ideas That Will Elevate your Outdoor Space

backyard pavers stone and wood

Gazing out onto the space behind your house should get your mind thinking about backyard pavers ideas. Your backyard pavers design will set the tone for all of your prospective outdoor spaces, so it’s recommended to plan accordingly. What are you planning to achieve? Will you choose natural, environment-friendly paving?  Will you create a space to kick back, entertain, or have your kids play? Will you go simple, modern, or more eclectic with your design? Here, is a list of 4 backyard landscaping ideas to help inspire your perfect space.

Step 1: Go green! What wood is best for backyard pavers?

When opting for an environmentally friendly, sustainable backyard paving material, we recommend picking wood. However, not all wood types are suitable for backyard pavers. For example, using oak in exterior areas will result in early decay. Black Locust wood, however, has a natural life span of over 50+ years. Black Locust is a wood material that belongs in exterior areas due to its longevity, natural rot-resistant, and anti-fungal properties without the help of any toxic chemicals. In case you are contemplating what material to use for your next backyard pavers project, Proflow Permeable Pavers™ is perfect for your needs. You can always combine wood and stone to get a natural finish.

backyard pavers ideas

Backyard application of Proflow Pavers.

Step 2: What are your backyard function needs?

There are several functions you can decide for your backyard to fill. Maybe you would like to create an area you can leave your kids to play safely. You might want to build a space where you can kick back with a book at the end of a long day. Maybe you are a true host and would like to entertain regularly. Whatever your backyard pavers needs, Proflow Permeable Pavers™ will be the right choice for you. Installing Proflow pavers is part of an overall strategy to enhance quality-of-life benefits by reducing heat stress on the human body. 

Step 3: Backyard pavers pattern ideas

Your backyard pavers pattern can define your entire aesthetic. The main purpose of your backyard space is to create a joyful environment and enhance its appearance, and natural beauty. Any small touch can add a significant positive impact on our backyard environment. Several different types of backyard pavers patterns are available which will match your aesthetic preferences. 

wood pavers design.JPG másolata
proflow pavers design.JPG másolata
backyard pavers design.JPG másolata

Proflow Permeable pavers designs

Step 4: Fill up and install!

Proflow Permeable Pavers™ come in panels and can be laid next to each other for quick and simple installation over large areas. Afterward, they need to be fastened with a filler. For the most durable result, we recommend using ROMEX®’s unique Flex Joint grout to fill the joints. Check out this video created by Romex that shows a step-by-step guide on how to install ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ with a Romex joint filler.

We hope our article gave you ideas and inspiration for your backyard pavers project. By selecting the right material, function, design, and installation method your backyard pavers design will set the tone for your outdoor space. Should you need any further guidance in designing your backyard area, please feel free to reach out to our Proflow Pavers specialist team.

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