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Simple, timeless and beautiful - that's what wood pavers are.

About permeable pavers in general

Permeable pavers are becoming ever more popular in sustainable architecture. The reason behind this is that permeable surfaces make it possible for water to penetrate into the ground underneath. They are just as durable as traditional paving systems but have a better impact on the environment and fit especially well in cities that are affected by increased heat.

Permeable pavers are an environmentally friendly solution that meet regulations to improve stormwater management. Traditional hardscape surfaces (concrete and asphalt for example) collect stormwater and do not allow the water to be absorbed in the ground, thus resulting in pools and even fooding in cities. On the other hand permeable pavers have a porous surface and act very much like the natural ground allowing water to be absorbed naturally.

Permeable pavers are often used for driveways, green rooftops, pedestrian walks and footpaths. Permeable pavers are made of several different materials: asphalt, concrete and even wood. We at Black Locust Lumber are lumbermen and believe in sustainability so we prefer a natural solution in our permeable paving system material, which is wood.

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Our history

ProFlow Permeable Pavers are the evolution of working with black locust at Black Locust Lumber for more than 20 years in the lumber business.

Locust is subject to a lot of native insects and diseases in his home range in the USA and we had a lot of logs that were in perfect condition on the outside but once we start the process a lots of the damage from the insects would reduce the value of the logs to firewood and I knew this material was too valuable to use as firewood so I had to come up with a concept to use smaller pieces and that led me to develop ProFlow Permeable Pavers. With the unique and natural attribute of the black locust which is extreme longevity, durability and its ability to sequester carbon. I designed this as a true climate change product that will allow the additional benefits of permeability. I taken this concept into a modular system that allows for easy installation and now we have multiple designs to give flexibility so we can achieve the desired look.

As the inventor of the pavers the early development started in 2014 and I’ve actively worked to improve the overall performance and design while focusing on the sustainable attributes of the paver system. One of the earliest uses of the paver was at the founder of Living Building Challenge, Jason F. McLennan’s personal residence the Heron Hall.

Different shapes are available.

The Mission

ProFlowPavers are manufactured by years of experience with working with the highest quality standards in both materials and craftsmanship. These standards are also recognized by both our social and environmental responsibility, which we respect and is consistent with our company’s environmental and sustainable management operation. Working with wood and other natural materials helps to develop a level of patience and tolerance, with an appreciation of approximation.

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Reforestation program

In our European operations we have an active reforestation program that we are highly committed to. In our North American facilities, we are developing and researching land reclamation programs and most excitingly developing woody biomass, biodiesel studies. Over 18 years of being an FSC certified vendor, as an early FSC certified stakeholder we are dedicated to the sustainable wood industry. For the future we are presently developing the circular economy model for our global manufacturing facilities. With our final goal being that making the whole process 100% renewable.

Wood is the soul of everything!
Simple design, amazing shape - choose this version!


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


The square design is the most basic version.


Details of the wooden floor.


Wood pavers in the nature.


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


Details of the wooden floor.


This is what a quality wooden floor looks like!


Also available in hexagon.


This is how we design paving slabs.


You can also order special designs.


This is what a wooden floor looks like.


The triangular wooden pavers are special and unique.