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Wood Pavers for the Patio


Wood pavers will instantly elevate the beauty of your outdoor area. They easily create a charming patio that will impress your guests and add to the peace and calm of your yard when enjoying quiet moments with your loved ones. In our blog, we have collected everything you need to know about installing Proflow™ Permeable […]

Complete guide: Get to the Root of how to lay Pavers around a Tree

proflow pavers tree pit

We all want our landscape design and nature to work in perfect harmony. This poses some challenges sometimes. Tree roots for example can spoil your patio, walkway, and driveway pavers. In our blog let’s get to the root of how to lay pavers around trees and what you can do about tree root damage before […]

Beautiful pavers landscaping ideas you will love

landscape pavers ideas

Whether it’s a front lawn, a romantic paved pathway, or an appealing terrace design, wood paver landscapes benefit from the same attention to detail as your home’s interior. ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ made of Black Locust wood keep your natural surroundings’ aesthetically untouched yet perfectly organized. Here are three beautiful pavers landscaping ideas that can upgrade […]

4 Steps and Backyard Pavers Ideas That Will Elevate your Outdoor Space

backyard pavers stone and wood

Gazing out onto the space behind your house should get your mind thinking about backyard pavers ideas. Your backyard pavers design will set the tone for all of your prospective outdoor spaces, so it’s recommended to plan accordingly. What are you planning to achieve? Will you choose natural, environment-friendly paving?  Will you create a space […]

Black Locust color:
what do natural wood pavers and black pavers look like?

Wood pavers are generally loved by landscape architects and chosen for driveways, walkways, porches, and backyard landscaping. The reason for wood pavers’ popularity lies in their natural beauty. Wood pavers made of Black Locust Lumber have a natural durability of 50+ years. No toxic oils or chemicals are necessary to maintain their longevity. This makes […]

Permeable pavers comparison: from sand to wood

Our pavers look good on the beach too

Modern cities and urban areas are literally built on sand. Urbanization continues to grow and permeable pavers are becoming more and more in demand to combat stormwater. As urban development emerges, so does the demand for concrete and construction materials that use sand increases. In our permeable pavers comparison article, we will discuss environmental issues […]

All you need to know about outdoor pavers made of wood

The combination of green and brown

You might have already heard about outdoor pavers made of wood. Wait did you say wood? Isn’t wood an odd choice for outdoor paving? Not at all. Well, you have to work with the right kind of wood to achieve durability and longevity. Picking the wrong one may cause early decay. Choosing the right type […]

Comparison of driveway pavers materials: concrete, rubber, and wood

Children can play on it!

Considering building a new driveway? What are your material options at the moment? I bet your first ideas were asphalt and concrete. However asphalt and concrete aren’t the most attractive materials to use for a driveway. Are you looking for a more natural, aesthetic, and sustainable finish for your driveway pavers project? We have an […]

Home Pavers solutions made of Black Locust wood

Terrace with wood paving.

We created a wood pavers guide for your home pavers project. Whether you are looking for a paving material for driveways, walkways, tree pits, patios or terraces wood pavers are a great sustainable alternative to concrete. We will be discussing what is the best type of wood materials, features, colors and installation to help you […]

Why wood Pavers are the next big thing for your Driveway, Patio or Walkway

The wooden floor tiles also give the hotel a friendly atmosphere.

The world is turning towards sustainable solutions wherever we go. It is no different in the world of architecture, where sustainability has been a focal point for the past decade. Home design and landscaping projects have always echoed architectural trends. It is no surprise that homeowners are becoming more and more conscious about their homes’ […]

Simple design, amazing shape - choose this version!


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


The square design is the most basic version.


Details of the wooden floor.


Wood pavers in the nature.


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


Details of the wooden floor.


This is what a quality wooden floor looks like!


Also available in hexagon.


This is how we design paving slabs.


You can also order special designs.


This is what a wooden floor looks like.


The triangular wooden pavers are special and unique.