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Proflow Permeable Pavers™

Row DTLA | Los Angeles

Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary School

Surrey Energy Complex [Surrey, BC Canada]

University of Arkansas ADOHI HALL

Philadelphia Flower Show

CEU [Central European University]

Chateau Hanare


Brooklyn Private Residence

CEU [ Central European University]

Chateau Hanare: W. Hollywood, California.

Chatham Private Residence: SF California

Costa Mesa HomeLine Show

GRAEFL Major | Hungary

61 Lisburne Lane

Nvidia | Santa Clara, California

Row DTLA | Los Angeles

Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary School

Surrey Energy Complex [ Surrey, BC Canada]

Terrapin Landscape [ Private Residence-Maine USA]

University of Arkansas ADOHI HALL

Philadelphia Flower Show

“Driving innovation by creating sustainable Black Locust products that capture and store carbon with a positive impact on the built environment.”

- D. Stubby Warmbold

Philadelphia Flower Show

The theme for 2021, was “HABITAT: Nature’s Masterpiece,” is a gardener-centric experience that incorporates the landscape of FDR Park. ProFlow permeable pavers have been introduced as an innovative green solution with a wide range of applications.

University of Arkansas

Adohi Hall creates a new residential college with emphasis on a creative live learn environment within a relaxed, informal, tree-lined landscape that re-conceptualizes university housing. The largest cross laminated timber (CLT) building in the United States and the first large-scale mass timber residence hall and living learning setting.

Surrey Energy Complex

The West Village Energy Centre is a City-owned district energy utility that provides heat and hot water to residential, commercial, and institutional buildings throughout City Centre. Around the building, as an exterior sustainable design element ProFlow Permeable Pavers took place as well.

Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary School

1st StormWater Playground in USA/ San Francisco.

This pilot project showcases a large-scale demonstration of green infrastructure that is designed to manage stormwater while promoting active play and access to nature.

Row DTLA | Los Angeles

Row DTLA is a historic urban commercial district located in Downtown Los Angeles, at the confluence of Fashion District, Skid Row, and the Arts District.

[ Central European University]

CEU new building was established in 2016 by an award winner Irish architecture firm O’Donnell and Tuomey. Our company provided the perfect solution , a green paving system, to ensure the low carbon strategy of the project.

Chateau Hanare