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Pavers in practice 2022: What are pavers? Where to buy pavers? How to install them?

This is how pavers looks like in everyday life.

The first step on your journey to using sustainable pavers made out of wood is to gather information. And for that, you have come to the right place. With our over 20 years of experience in the lumber industry, we created an ultimate guide for everything you need to know about buying and installing Permeable Proflow Pavers™ in practice in 2022. 

What are pavers?

Pavers come in all shapes and sizes and are the go-to choice for most American homeowners and architects when it comes to creating beautiful driveways, walkways, patios, and all kinds of landscaping projects. 

What are pavers made of? 

Pavers are made of concrete, natural stone, clay brick, or even wood. Yes, wood. Wood is the new up-and-coming material, especially since the architectural world is turning towards sustainable alternatives. Let’s take a look at why wood might be a good sustainable choice for your paving project.

Black Locust is the best type of wood for pavers projects. 

What is the best type of wood for pavers?

The most important characteristics of pavers are for them to be durable and long-lasting. Picking the right type of wood is crucial to achieving a long-lasting finish. Black Locust wood has natural longevity of 50+ years. It has rot-resistant, and anti-fungal properties without the help of toxic chemicals. No oils, stains, or paint are necessary to maintain its beauty. We have found that this makes Black Locust the best type of wood for pavers projects. 

How strong are Black Locust wood pavers surfaces?

Permeable Proflow Pavers™ small wood paver blocks have a highly permeable and very durable surface that will last for several decades. What are the facts? Permeable Proflow Pavers™ exceed 10.180 PSI (pounds per square inch) which is a stronger surface than concrete pavers (compressive strength of 8,000 PSI) or poured asphalt (compressive strength of 3,000 PSI). 

Where to buy pavers?

Unlike commercial wood materials such as plywood, hardwood, and softwood materials, Black Locust cannot be found in commercial lumberyards. Thus buying a unique wood pavers product like Permeable Proflow Pavers™. Black Locust  Lumber is a global corporation with sawmills and key manufacturing functions located in both the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina) and in Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania). Our wooden pavers assembly functions are located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Germany. With the help of our established relationships with transportation companies, we are happy to assist you with expediting your landscaping project needs all over the world.

Installing Permeable Proflow Pavers™ is extremely simple because they come in panels or in other words setts.

How to install pavers?

Installing Permeable Proflow Pavers™ is extremely simple because they come in panels or in other words setts. Creating a modular design, each panel is made up of several Black Locust blocks and they are attached to a recycled wire mesh. By laying the paver panels next to each other, large areas can easily be installed within a short amount of time. 

What filler to use to install wood pavers?

ROMEX® Pavement Jointing Mortar is the highest performing filler to use when installing Permeable Proflow Pavers. ROMEX® offers a solution that eliminates the need of maintenance and thus reduces labor costs and time. The filler allows the surface to seal in a way that no organic matter other than water can pass through. 

How to clean pavers?

Permeable Proflow Pavers™ have natural durability without the use of chemical treatments and they also have minimal maintenance needs. Mostly a good sweeping is enough to keep the wood pavers’ surface clean.

In conclusion, wood pavers will not only give a beautiful, natural finish to your landscaping project, but also you will be installing a sustainable paving material, that has a low carbon footprint.

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