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ROMEX® Permeable Filler

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The deployment of wooden pavers


The deployment of wooden pavers


The deployment of wooden pavers


We offer warranty as well
The pavers are puncture resistant.
With pressure washer, you can clean the pavers.
Our products are weed resistant.
Our wooden pavers are frost resistant.
The wood pavers are ant resistant.
Our products are pet friendly.
We are eco friendly!
Wooden pavers waiting for deployment


Romex provides multiple solutions for creating resilient, permeable hardscapes. Primarily, Romex resin-based jointing mortars provide a water-permeable grout for jointing unit pavers of almost any kind, for both unbound (‘sand-set’) and bound (‘mortar-set’) paving assemblies. Unit pavers that are specifically designated as “permeable pavers” – with larger joint spaces in between – can benefit in particular from Romex jointing solutions.

Secondly, for bound assemblies, Romex Trass Bed drainage bedding mortar works as an industry-first ‘permeable slab’. The incredible strength of the polymer-enhanced binding agent, with proprietary Trass additive, uses aggregate for its structure – no rebar required – providing superior load-bearing properties, inhibits efflorescence, and yet provides small but sufficient porous channels through which rainwater can travel.

Thirdly, applying the same resin technology, Romex provides hyper-resilient resin-bound and resin-bonded gravel solutions for tree surrounds, pathways, garden edging and the like. For resin-bound gravel, permeability is essentially the same as if the gravel was installed on its own.


As we continue to build larger and larger city sprawls to accommodate urbanization of people moving away from rural communities and overall population growth, more and more natural land is made impenetrable to rainwater – or ‘impervious’ – because of the roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings that make up our urban environments.

Hard surfaces are built with a few degrees of slope and roofs have downspouts that work to collect and direct rainfall down and away into our city sewer systems.

This means more and more of this most valuable of natural resources never reaches the soil or returns to recharge groundwater, and heavy rainfalls can overload city systems and cause flooding.

If you want a cozy garden, you need wooden elements!



The ROMEX® SYSTEM GUARANTEE (RSG) is a competitive advantage for any customer. ROMEX is the first and only manufacturer in the field of paving stone and slab construction to offer a comprehensive warranty to its customers. ROMEX® means security and peace of mind, which is especially important for companies that must often provide a multi-year warranty on their construction services to their clients.

In addition to the superior strength of ROMEX® Trass Bed, the material remains highly water permeable. Thus, when used in conjunction with ROMEX® permeable Jointing Mortars, a fully permeable bonded construction can be achieved. The provides viable options for stormwater management and can contribute to sustainability and environmental objectives in landscape construction, while still providing a long-lasting, load-bearing, and attractive surface.

Below are some of the key attributes which allow us to offer our comprehensive 10-year

Manufacturer’s warranty:

  • – Near elimination of discoloration from efflorescence
  • – Water Permeable / Prevents water logging
  • – Freeze-thaw / frost-heave resistant
  • – Resists de-icing salts and melting agents
  • – High Strength up to 5000 PSI
  • – Screed bedding layer and lay pavers in one step
  • – Excellent for Radiant Heat


Permeable Proflow Pavers™ come in panels or in other words setts. The setts are made up of multiple Black Locust blocks each and they are attached to a recycled wire mesh. The paver panels can be laid next to each other for quick and simple installation over large areas. To finish off, the joints are filled with the ROMEX joint mortar. The modular design allows a faster installation and reduces installation labor costs.

We hope the Permeable Proflow Pavers™ ultimate guide has been informative to your specific project. Our permeable pavers made of Black Locust wood will give you the perfect finish for your next urban green space or green roof project. If you are looking for permeable pavers that are a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods with low maintenance needs and add a beautiful finishing touch, please contact a ProFlow Paver specialist for further assistance.

Perfect roads made of wood.
Pavers installation.

How to install Permeable Proflow Pavers™?

Highest performer fIller material for Permeable Proflow Pavers™

The highest performer filler material for Permeable Proflow Pavers™ is ROMEX® Pavement Jointing Mortar. With ROMEX® we offer a solution that eliminates the need of maintenance of permeable pavers. It seals the surface in a way that there is no way organic matter other than water can pass through. The only maintenance the surface will occasionally require is a good sweeping.

Permeable / Beautiful / Strong

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Simple design, amazing shape - choose this version!


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


The square design is the most basic version.


Details of the wooden floor.


Wood pavers in the nature.


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


Details of the wooden floor.


This is what a quality wooden floor looks like!


Also available in hexagon.


This is how we design paving slabs.


You can also order special designs.


This is what a wooden floor looks like.


The triangular wooden pavers are special and unique.