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Wood with wood - looks perfect!


Our Tree Pit includes two components: ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ and 3 types of Romex products: FlexJoint for the pavers, gravel with Profi-Deco binder, Trass bed for the base ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are becoming ever more popular in a sustainable emphasized world. This is the reason we chose this method to give a perfect solution to the cities.

Our Permeable Tree-Pit™ is an environmentally friendly alternative that meets regulations to improve stormwater management. Traditional hardscape surfaces do not collect stormwater and do not allow the water to be absorbed. On the other hand, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ have a porous surface and act very much like natural ground allowing water to be absorbed.

Our philosophy is to find a way of mimicking the natural processes and give the perfect result. Wood pavers have a low carbon footprint due to the purity of the product.

Well-executed urban landscape design takes into consideration the natural ecosystem as well and we are here to lend a hand. To make our everyday environment such as urban areas more livable, ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ can combat the heat island effect through natural evaporation, allowing the exchange of gasses that promote tree growth.

Our products are pet friendly.

Flush surface and reduced trip hazard


The leaves fall on the wooden floor.
Pavers are perfect even in snow and frost.

Current tree pit designs

Simple design, amazing shape - choose this version!


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


The square design is the most basic version.


Details of the wooden floor.


Wood pavers in the nature.


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


Details of the wooden floor.


This is what a quality wooden floor looks like!


Also available in hexagon.


This is how we design paving slabs.


You can also order special designs.


This is what a wooden floor looks like.


The triangular wooden pavers are special and unique.