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Why wood Pavers are the next big thing for your Driveway, Patio or Walkway

The wooden floor tiles also give the hotel a friendly atmosphere.

The world is turning towards sustainable solutions wherever we go. It is no different in the world of architecture, where sustainability has been a focal point for the past decade. Home design and landscaping projects have always echoed architectural trends. It is no surprise that homeowners are becoming more and more conscious about their homes’ sustainability. Green materials and zero-waste solutions are the new trend and wood pavers are just that. 
To understand wood pavers, we talked to lumber expert, Stubby D. Warmbold of Black Locust Lumber Inc., who has been in the sustainable building material industry for over three decades. He specializes in Black Locust wood and is the innovative creator of Permeable Proflow Pavers, a wood paving solution.

Why use wood pavers instead of concrete?

Wood pavers are little blocks of wood used to create driveways, patios, walkways and terraces, very similar to brick pavers. However, wood pavers are a sustainable alternative to brick and concrete paving systems. Wood pavers have been used for prominent architectural projects such as the NVIDIA campus and we see more and more homeowners catching on to the design trends. Wood pavers are popular for their natural beauty and look much more impressive than regular concrete slabs. Another reason is that compared to concrete they are permeable and help reduce flooding and heat island effect. 

What is the best wood material for home pavers projects?

Naturally, you might first have doubts about using wood as a paving material. And with good reason. The key to having a long-lasting durable wood paving system lies within the type of wood you select. Selecting the wrong type of wood will lead to early decay, selecting the right type of wood will result in a surface with the durability of 20+ years. The best type of wood to use for exterior projects is Black Locust wood. It has rot-resistant, and anti-fungal properties without the help of toxic chemicals. In fact, no oils, stains, or paint are necessary to maintain the wood’s beauty.

How are wood pavers installed?

ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ come in modular panels also known as setts. Depending on the design, each sett is made up of 7-25 wooden blocks that are all attached to a recycled wire mesh. The modular design lays flat on the ground and allows easy installation.

The wood paver panels can be laid next to each other and are then fastened with a filler of your choice. For the most durable result we recommend using ROMEX®’s unique Flex Joint grout to fill the joints between the wood pavers.

The combination will ensure the wood pavers will last for years to come without having to spend summer days picking weeds out of the joints or re-sweeping loose grit. 

What color are wood pavers?

No oils, stains, or paint are needed to maintain the beauty and durability of Black Locust wood. Upon installation, Black Locust will have a yellow to light brown color. After some time, due to exposure to the natural environment, Black Locust pavers will develop a silver-gray patina. The aesthetic is popular with designers.

Upon installation, Black Locust will have a yellow to light brown color. It is also possible to give the wood pavers a black finish with an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. The process is a natural one that involves charring the wood surface until it turns black. The aesthetic is popular as a rustic, textural design element for homes.


To sum up…

When installing a wood paving system, it is essential to use the right type of wood. Black Locust wood is a perfect alternative to concrete when selecting a material for your home’s driveway, walkway, tree pits, patio, or terrace. Due to Proflow Permeable Pavers’ modular design, it is extremely simple to install and has a natural beauty that no manmade material can surpass. We hope our guide on wood pavers has inspired you to choose a sustainable solution for your next landscaping project.

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