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Proflow Permeable Pavers™


ProFlowPavers™ is a sustainable drainage system that uses Black Locust Lumber to achieve the highest environmental standards. Our permeable wood pavers allow the use for sponge city application and stormwater management with the additional benefits of a cool pavement hardscape. These chemical-free, naturally rot-resistant pavers are ideal as a solution for stormwater management, reduced heat island effect and offer natural carbon sequestration.

The philosophy in our production and design studios is truly zero-waste. Our systems are fully capable of utilizing all components of the tree. Our vertically integrated manufacturing allows us to maintain the highest quality control requirements.

The pavers are rain proof.

Stormwater management

It allows water and air to go through the soil, thus it can help filter out pollutants that contribute to water pollution.

It does not fade under the influence of the sun.

Reduce heat island effect

Wood – as a natural, light material – can reduce the urban temperature by reducing heat island effect.

Installation of wooden paving slabs.

Natural durability

Black locust is a type of hardwood with a natural durability of 50+ years and a limited warranty of 25 years.



ProFlow Permeable Pavers are minimally processed during manufacturing, therefore CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.

Regular ProFlow Permeable Paver system with all the benefits listed on our page.

Soakaway crates provide a highly effective means of managing storm water, contributing to reducing the risk of flooding.

Rainwater Infiltration: Soakaway crates can be wrapped in a geotextile which allows stored water to slowly seep into the surrounding ground and back into the water table.

Rainwater Attenuation: another common practice is to surround Soakaway crates with an impermeable geomembrane to create a sealed underground tank.” The collected water can be used for domestic household needs!

Proflow Permeable Pavers™ collection

Our products can also be seen on the CEU building.
Special right? This is what wooden paving slabs do!
This is how pavers looks like in everyday life.


The main purpose of landscaping is to create a joyful environment round the building, enhance the aesthetic beauty and give the residents a healthy breath, a good appearance, and natural beauty.

Any small step we include in the landscape maintenance can add a significant positive impact on our environment.
When it comes to the paving materials everyone has a picture of brick, stone, and the most commonly used concrete in their mind.

However, choosing the right and suitable material is crucial as it influences the environment where we live.

That is why, amongst the most commonly used paving materials, we considered ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ as the newest product, the future of paving materials.
ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ are manufactured from Black Locust.
With natural rot resistance, longevity and durability, it can definitely be an excellent alternative for pathways and walkways. In addition, it is the only renewable material that can be used as a paving material that is extensively utilized in construction and nowadays landscaping as well.

The ProFlow Permeable Pavers™ is a naturally rot-resistant hardscaping material that has a durability of 50+ years. These wood pavers are a non-traditional way of hardscaping.
They are offering the benefits that nature provides, a true climate change solution. These pavers are cool to walk on in the hot summers with their reduced heat island effect.

We are a global company

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Made in the USA.
Made in Europe.
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Yolanda Bosch

ProFlow Pavers official California distributor

How we can help? - Green. Greener. ProFlow Paver!

To advance sustainability on a grand scale, we all need a grand change in mindsets.

We definitely should not think in the old-fashioned context of the linear economy, where goods are made, used and disposed, but according to the circular economy model, where all raw materials are kept in use as long as possible.

The key is to act on long-term sustainability goals that advance the circular economy.

ProFlow Permeable Pavers serves just like that!

We have created a solution that considers the city’s needs and delivers a possibility to cover the city with “green” in order to add nature into the urban environment.

There is a great responsibility to manage water efficiently. With the usage of the ProFlow Permebale Hardscapes, you can take care of the environmental values that already exist.

Instead of using the usual impermeable paving that prevents water from filtering into the ground, ProFlow cool pavement allows the water cycle to be completed. The infiltration and capture of water in public spaces can be used to recharge the natural aquifers and also reused for irrigation.

It’s time to retire plastic & carbon and start using sustainable materials.

If you want a cozy garden, you need wooden elements!
Simple design, amazing shape - choose this version!


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


The square design is the most basic version.


Details of the wooden floor.


Wood pavers in the nature.


Simple but great, that's what square tiles are like.


Details of the wooden floor.


This is what a quality wooden floor looks like!


Also available in hexagon.


This is how we design paving slabs.


You can also order special designs.


This is what a wooden floor looks like.


The triangular wooden pavers are special and unique.