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The Hi Flow Proflow Paver models are innovative paving solutions designed to optimize water flow through the gaps in the pavement. These pavers are the ideal choice for anyone seeking effective stormwater management and drainage in outdoor spaces, including grass pavers. With their unique design, they efficiently direct rainwater, preventing pooling and erosion while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any landscape. Whether for residential or commercial use, Hi Flow Proflow Pavers offer a practical and visually appealing solution to address water runoff and drainage challenges.

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Hi Flow Model

Hi Flow Proflow Paver models excel at
efficient water drainage and erosion
prevention, enhancing sustainability
and safety in outdoor spaces, including
grass pavers.

Technical specification

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Natural Black Locust Wood Pavers – Exceptional Longevity with Premium Price

Elevate your project with the timeless appeal of Natural Black Locust Wood Pavers. Positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum, these pavers boast exceptional longevity and quality. Due to their inherent resistance to decay, they are an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and projects where longevity is paramount. Consider them for permanent outdoor installations like driveways and outdoor seating areas, where their natural durability shines. These premium wood pavers offer unparalleled durability without the need for additional finishes.

Shou Sugi Ban Black Locust Wood Pavers – Unmatched Durability with Exclusive Surface Finish

Immerse your project in sophistication with our Shou Sugi Ban Black Locust Wood Pavers. This premium option combines exceptional longevity with an exclusive surface finish. The Shou Sugi Ban black finish enhances the wood’s natural resilience, making these pavers perfect for projects where both aesthetics and durability are crucial. Ideal for patios, walkways, and garden borders, these wood pavers provide unmatched durability and exclusive aesthetics, eliminating the need for additional finishes.

Design Details
  • Hi Flow Proflow Paver models are engineered for optimal water flow through their gap spaces, including grass pavers. They’re the ideal choice for those prioritizing efficient drainage and erosion prevention in outdoor spaces. These innovative pavers enhance water management and contribute to a sustainable and safe outdoor environment.



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